Expert interview: Education about diabetic foot syndrome

Experteninterview: Aufklärung über das diabetische Fußsyndrom

Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to simply as diabetes, is a widespread metabolic disease. One of the most common and yet often overlooked complications of diabetes is the so-called diabetic foot syndrome. This serious health problem can have significant consequences for those affected if it is not recognized and treated in a timely manner.

To raise awareness of diabetic foot syndrome and gain insights from an expert in the field, we spoke to Dr. med. Dirk Hochlenert, a renowned specialist. In our interview, he shared his extensive knowledge and experiences to shed light on the importance of prevention, early detection and treatment of this syndrome.

But, see for yourself:

What is the purpose of measuring the temperature of the feet?  

Elevated temperature values ​​can indicate possible developing inflammation, which can lead to complications, for example in patients with diabetic foot syndrome. In addition to checking your feet daily, several studies have shown the positive effects of regularly measuring the temperature of the soles of your feet.  

The studies mentioned below were not conducted with intelligent shoe insoles.  

The first indications of this were already in a study by Bergtholdt and Brand in 1975 .  

The International Working Group on Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) around Prof. Dr. Bus has already included regular monitoring of the temperature of the soles of the feet as a recommendation in their guidelines .  

Further studies indicate that over 70% (sometimes even over 90%) of foot complications were detected early through temperature measurements.  

How can the intelligent shoe insoles from osentec help?  


The intelligent shoe insoles from osentec use tiny sensors to measure the temperatures of the soles of the feet and detect differences from just 0.1° C. The associated app compares the recorded values ​​with each other and sends a message as soon as the temperature differences persist for longer than 48 hours. This helps us to initiate measures at an early stage and thus react preventively to possible ulcers and wounds.

We would be happy to advise you on the advantages of an accompanying measure using our intelligent shoe insoles. On our website osentec you will find further information about how they work and how the insoles can contribute to well-being. you can reach us at and by telephone on 0395 3511 6213.