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Our smart insoles determine the local temperature at various points on your feet. The app compares these values ​​with each other. If there are temperature differences longer than 48 hours, a message will be displayed on your smartphone. We want to support you in promoting your well-being and that of your feet.

Temperature differences on the feet can have a wide variety of causes. There are scientific studies that have recognized certain developments in this regard; People who have such temperature differences on their feet can suffer from polyneuropathy, for example. This is often just referred to as PNP.

Patients with polyneuropathy suffer from damage to the peripheral nervous system, i.e. the nervous system outside the spinal cord and brain.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is often a cause. You can find out more about this here !

Yes. Positive effects could be determined with regular measurement of the soles of the feet. The first indications of this were already in 1975 in this study by Bergtholdt and Brand .

The International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) has already included regular foot temperature checks as a recommendation in its guidelines .

Various studies, such as 1 , 2 and 3 indicate that more than 70% (sometimes even more than 90%) of foot complications could be detected early.

Die Kostenübernahme durch die Krankenkasse variiert je nach

Wir empfehlen Ihnen, sich direkt an Ihre Krankenkasse zu
wenden, um sich über die Kostenübernahme für unser Produkt zu erkundigen. Selbstverständlich
können wir Ihnen alle relevanten Unterlagen und Informationen über unser
Produkt zukommen zu lassen, um sie bei der Feststellung der
Erstattungsfähigkeit zu unterstützen.

Darüber hinaus arbeiten wir aktiv an der Zusammenarbeit mit
verschiedenen Krankenkassen, um die Erstattungsmöglichkeiten für unsere
innovativen Einlagen zu erweitern. Wir wissen, wie wichtig die Zugänglichkeit
und Erschwinglichkeit für Patienten ist, und wir setzen uns dafür ein, den
Bedürfnissen von Menschen mit diabetischer Neuropathie gerecht zu werden.

Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben oder Hilfe bei der Erlangung
des Versicherungsschutzes benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an unser Team, das
Ihnen gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite steht.

We currently only produce our insoles in the dimensions of normal shoe sizes. In the future, however, we also want to offer custom-made products in cooperation with our partners so that we can produce the right insole for every foot.

The battery is extremely long-lasting and lasts an average of around 6 months depending on usage. Then it can be exchanged independently.

To do this, simply open it
the battery cover on the underside of the insert and insert a new button battery. Alternatively, just walk in
Your medical supply store or your service partner. Button cells (type: CR2032) are compatible.

The surface profile of our insole was developed by master orthopedic shoe technicians and is based on the standard foot or the ideal foot. Until we are ready to be able to tailor our smart insoles exactly to your foot, we recommend that you consult your doctor, podiatrist or the responsible medical supply store before buying your insoles if you have a foot malposition.

When making our smart insoles, we use materials that you may have. you already know from your medical supply store. Anatomically shaped insole cores, a comfortable padding layer and a breathable and disinfectable cover.

The housings for the electronics are manufactured using a material-friendly 3D printing process with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter. Unlike conventional milling, which always creates an enormous amount of waste, with our 3D printing we only use as much material as is really necessary. Your sole
So it inherently has a smaller CO2 footprint.

On the contrary: Thanks to our 3D printing process and the polyurethane used, they are lighter than conventional orthopedic soles, even with electronics . A sole weighs less than 100 grams (the weight may vary slightly depending on the shoe size).

Our sensor layers are made from polyurethane, making them lightweight and flexible. The top layer consists of breathable fabric, so that our insole does not look any different from a normal sole.

Basically, the soles are compatible with almost all shoes as long as you can take out the original insoles. However, it can be difficult with suits or men's shoes, high heels, flip flops, etc.

Your data is protected at all times and is only backed up on your smartphone and our certified servers in Germany.