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Revolutionize your life with our smart early detection!
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How it works

Our smart insoles are equipped with a wafer-thin and highly flexible sensor network that measures the temperature of your soles at all times.

Temperature differences, which can be an indicator of the onset of inflammation, are detected from as little as 0.1°C.

The precise algorithm evaluates the differences and informs you well in advance about our free Foot Guard app.

1. Put the insoles in your shoes

Our smart insoles fit perfectly in almost all of your shoes - you won't see or feel the difference. Just put them in and let's go!

2. Connect the app

Connect our app via bluetooth and get all your data - clearly arranged and secure.

3. You’re good to go

We support you in maintaining your mobility in everyday life - as soon as a temperature difference occurs, our app will let you know.

Wir sind ausgezeichnet!

Our innovative product has already proven itself at several international trade fairs and was awarded the healthcare industry innovation prize in 2022.

Nomination for the German Medical Award 2023


Winner of the Baltic Sea Region Health Innovation Award 2022

National Conference on Health Economy

Finalist at the Future Prize 2021

Health Economy Club

Set a smart example!

The first of its kind

Our unique smart sensory insoles fit in almost every regular type of shoe and will accompany you wherever you go. Thanks to the durable battery you won’t even have to worry about charging them on a regular basis - your insoles fit seamlessly into your everyday life!

A smart choice

You deserve to live your life actively and carefree. Instead of limiting you, prevention should be an easy and reliable part of your everyday life. With osentec, you’re taking the next step towards a lifestyle that suits you best - an active one.

Sustainability? Yes, please!

We make sure to leave as lasting a mark as possible. That's why you can simply send in your old insoles and we'll recycle them for you. And the best part? If you buy a new pair, we will give you 50 Euros for free.

We keep your pace

Movement is an important part of your zest for life. The well-being of your feet is therefore an important part of your life. This includes checking your feet regularly, which is all too often neglected. This can restrict your movement.

Our smart sensory insoles can be discreetly integrated into your everyday life and help you to keep a better eye on temperature fluctuations in your feet.

With the right prevention, you can maintain your mobility for a long time. This motivates us again and again to develop innovative solutions for you.