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Prevention starts here.
We keep your pace
Mobility is what keeps you moving - literally. It’s the source of joy and it allows you to live your life at your own pace. That’s why, as a diabetic, it’s so important to take extra good care of your feet to prevent wounds and ulcers. That being said - keeping up with your health can be a challenge of its own, and oftentimes that means maintaining tiresome routines, which in turn impact your desire to be out and about. To make it short: prevention slows you down. But we are convinced that it should be doing the exact opposite: prevention should make it easier for you to enjoy your life. Not harder.
Stay active with every single step
Maintaining your mobility is what keeps us moving. It’s why we strive to think at least three steps ahead and come up with smart tech solutions to make your life a little easier. What do we do? We develop smart sensory insoles that can detect temperature differences as small as 0,1° C on the soles of your feet. Our insoles are designed to look and feel like any other insole so they can smoothly fit into your everyday life.

How it works

Equipped with tiny, clever sensors, the technology in the sole measures the temperature of the soles of your feet at all times and detects differences as low as 0.1°C. These differences can be an indicator that an inflammation is starting to develop. 

As soon as the insoles detect a difference in temperature that lasts for more than 48h, you'll be notified via app.

1. Put the insoles in your shoes
Our insoles are being 3D printed and look and feel just like any other insole. Simply swap them for the original soles - that’s it! They are designed to fit almost all regular shoe forms.
2. Connect the app
Connect our app via bluetooth and get all your foot health data - clearly arranged and secure.
3. You’re good to go
Now keep doing what you’re doing and live your life to the fullest - as soon as a difference in temperature arises, the app will let you know.
Get the app!

Simply connect your insoles via bluetooth and check your data on your dashboard.

The Android app will be available as soon as our soles are launched in March 2023. The iOS app will be available a little later.

Set a smart example!

A smart choice

You deserve to live your life actively and carefree. Instead of limiting you, prevention should be an easy and reliable part of your everyday life. With osentec, you’re taking the first step towards a lifestyle that suits you best - an active one.

Sustainability? Yes, please!

Our products are meant to make your world a better place. At the same time, we’d like to design them as sustainable as possible. That’s why we pay attention to smart and eco-friendly manufacturing processes and packaging. Plus: You can send your worn insoles back to us and get a discount on your next pair! Your old pair will be given a new life, which reduces tech waste - nice! 

The first of its kind

Our smart sensory insoles fit in almost every regular type of shoe and will accompany you wherever you go. Thanks to the durable battery you won’t even have to worry about charging them on a regular basis - insoles in, connect the app, and you’re good to go!
Be one step ahead!
By clicking the pre-order button below, you will be the one of the firsts to receive one of our early-access pairs. They’re limited to 160 pairs, so pre-order yours now!

Almost there!

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Our smart insoles detect the temperature at different points on your feet. The app compares the data. If temperature differences occur for longer than 48 hours, the app will notify you instantly.

Temperature differences on your feet can have a wide variety of causes. Scientific studies have identified certain tendencies in this regard: People who experience such temperature differences in their feet may, for example, be suffering from polyneuropathy, more commonly just referred to as PNP.

Patients with polyneuropathy suffer from damage to the peripheral nervous system, i.e. the nervous system outside the spinal cord and brain.

Oftentimes, diabetes mellitus type 2 can be identified as the cause of the problem. You can learn more about it here!

Yes, positive effects could be observed when the temperature of the sole of the foot was measured regularly. In fact, first observations towards this were made in 1975 in this study by Bergtholdt and Brand.

Furthermore, the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) around Prof. Dr. Bus has already included regularly monitoring the temperature of the sole of the foot as a recommendation in its guidelines.

Various studies, such as 1, 2 and 3, also indicate that over 70% (sometimes even over 90%) of foot complications could be detected early using this method.

Currently, we only manufacture our osentec soles for regular shoe sizes. In the future, however, we also plan to offer custom-made products in cooperation with our partners so that we can offer the right sole for every foot!
The battery has a lifespan of approximately 4 months. Once depleted, you can swap it for a new one (Type: flat cell battery/CR2032) by removing the little plug on the side of the insole with tweezers or small tongs.
The profile of our insoles has been developed by orthopaedic shoe technicians and is based on the standard foot/the ideal foot. Until we’re ready to fully customise our smart insoles, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor, podiatrist or your medical supply store before buying your insoles!

Since conventional milling always produces an enormous amount of waste, we use a material-saving 3D printing process. This way, we only use the amount of material necessary and your insoles already have a smaller climate footprint by design.

When testing and further developing our soles, we always use recycled material to save resources.

Waste that can’t be used for parts of new soles we try to re-use elsewhere - shredded, for example, old insoles can be recycled as playground surfacing.

On the contrary: thanks to our 3D printing process and the polyurethane used, they are lighter than conventional orthopaedic soles - electronics included. One sole weighs about 100 grams (the weight may vary slightly depending on your shoe size).
Our insoles and the sensor layer are made of polyurethane, which makes them light and flexible. The top layer is made of breathable fabric so they look little to no different to regular insoles.
Basically, the soles are compatible with almost all shoe types as long as you can remove the original insoles. However, it can be difficult with men's shoes, high heels, flip flops, etc.
Your data is protected at all times and is backed up on certified servers in Germany. osentec has no access to or insight into your data.
Safety notice

We hereby explicitly inform you that our smart insoles are wellness products and do not claim to have any medical validity.

Using our insoles therefore does not exempt you from checking your feet daily/regularly or from the check-ups prescribed by your doctor.